GPS Ankle Monitoring

Shield uses Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite monitoring for the lowest to the highest-risk offenders as part of a series of graduated sanctions or as a special condition imposed by the releasing authority. GPS monitoring is used to enforce curfews, establish prohibited/restricted areas, and assess and monitor offender movement in the community.

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Smartphone Monitoring

The patent pending E-Cell HOUSE ARREST APP for smartphones is an alternative to ankle-bracelet monitoring. It allows intense monitoring while it tracks and records the movements of low-risk, non-violent offenders with advanced features including: GPS Tracking, Biometric Identification, and Dynamic Remote Check-ins.

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GPS monitoring offers a high level of offender accountability to both the public and crime victims by monitoring whether an offender enters prescribed areas, such as an elementary school or a victim's neighborhood, and notifying the offender's Probation Officer immediately if such prohibited movement occurs. This effective tool allows Shield to provide heightened supervision of high-risk offenders while allowing such offenders to productively rehabilitate in the community.

People can be subjected to home confinement with customized monitoring equipment. They can also participate in work release programs that allow them to have jobs, visit family and shop, subject to time or geographic restrictions.



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